Does Sasuke Ever Show Sakura Affection?

Does Sasuke Ever Show Sakura Affection

When we watch long-running television series, most of us usually forget minute details after a while. This is why plenty of Naruto fans would insist that Sasuke never, ever showed Sakura any form of affection throughout the series. Sasuke has shown his affection for Sakura throughout the series by protecting her, commending her, and being … Read more

Why Sasuke Didn’t Marry Karin

Many Naruto fans who aren’t into the Sasuke-Sakura pairing ask, why did Sasuke marry Sakura when Karin was waiting in the wings for him? Yet it isn’t quite about why Sasuke chose Sakura; the better question to ask is why he didn’t choose Karin? Sasuke didn’t marry Karin because he cared for her as a … Read more