What Genre Of Music Are Anime Theme Songs?

What genre are anime theme songs?

Anime opening (OP) and ending (ED) songs are almost a genre on their own now, since most songs are written specifically for one anime. What genre do most songs currently classify as then? There is no decided genre for all anime songs, even though the most featured genres are upbeat Japanese pop, rock, and ballads. … Read more

Do We Ever See Sasuke And Sakura Kiss?

do we ever see sasuke and sakura kiss?

Sasuke and Sakura have one of the most publicized will-they/won’t-they relationships in the anime world. Their fans refer to their relationship as SasuSaku, and their relationship was played out through the Naruto series. However, we never get to see Sasuke and Sakura kiss in the Naruto anime or manga. A lot of this has to … Read more

7 Reasons Why Anime Merch is So Expensive (How to Pay Less)

why is anime merch so expensive?

I always thought that buying anime merchandise in Japan would be cheaper. But after scouring through the stores along Akihabara, I realized one important thing: anime merch is expensive, wherever you are in the world. After all, the anime audience is still classified as a limited consumer base. Hence, anime merch tends to run on … Read more