Did Sasuke Marry Sakura Out Of Guilt?

The SasuSaku couple truly has hardcore haters. For people who cannot understand the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura, their go-to statement is that Sasuke married Sakura out of guilt. Is this true? If it is not, then why did Sasuke marry Sakura?

Sasuke did not marry Sakura out of guilt. Marrying out of guilt is contrary to his characterization. Sasuke expressed his openness to pursue a relationship with Sakura before he left the village. There was also a time when Sakura left with him, and there they formed a bond, worthy of marriage.

Are you convinced that Sakura is not a product of a pity marriage? It may be hard to determine as both of them do not expressly show how their relationship is going, but we can only go so far in the things that we saw in the anime and manga. So keep reading to know more!

Sasuke Did Not Marry Sakura Out Of Guilt

It makes a lot of sense for people to think that Sasuke married Sakura out of guilt. Well, we cannot name other characters who ended up married to someone who they tried to kill many times, do we?

Is it possible that Sakura is the best guilt-tripper in the Naruto universe? We may assume that, but this cannot be seen both in the manga and the anime. She never made a big deal of her sufferings over Sasuke. She just kept loving him.

If guilt is truly present which resulted in marriage, it is out of Sasuke’s own feelings. However, you will find out below that he is married to Sakura, just because he loves her.

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Sasuke Married Sakura Because He Loves Her

It is easy to forget that Sasuke and Sakura went through a lengthy process of deepening their bonds before Sasuke decided that he will surely marry Sakura. The reason for this is that it was not shown a lot in the anime.

However, in the manga, it was shown that Sasuke expressed his desire to pursue a different kind of relationship with Sakura before leaving the Hidden Leaf Village. All that he needs to do first is to learn what evils lie beyond the village and atone for his sins.

It was here that he gave her the ever-famous forehead tap. By now, we know that this act is sacred for Sasuke. It was his way of expressing how he treasures someone, just as how Itachi did this to him as a sign of love and endearment.

Even if there is a comic relief in this scene, you will notice that Sasuke said, “Maybe next time. Thank you.” in response to Sakura’s offer to go with him. This is drastically different from the first time he left the village.

More than that, when Sasuke returned to the Hidden Leaf Village, he had the opportunity to bond with Sakura. Later on, they would travel and do missions together. These parts from the manga were not shown in the anime.

It was only after they spent some alone time together, did they decide to get married. From this alone, we can conclude that somewhere in their travels, they found true love which is why they married each other. By the time they were married, there was no guilt involved.

Marrying Out Of Guilt Is Out Of Character Of Sasuke

A major point that proves that Sasuke did not marry Sakura out of guilt is that he is simply not that kind of person. Ever since they were little, Sasuke was known to be harsh and vicious.

He simply says and does things based on his own moral code. In the event that the things he said or did, hurt someone, he either apologizes if it was proven that he was wrong or he simply shrugs it off.

Remember when Sasuke told Sakura that she was annoying? He is that type of guy. He never felt guilty about what he said.

In this regard, Sasuke is black and white. While everything is said and done, once he says his piece, that is it. This is why it is suitable for him to leave the Hidden Leaf Village after the war as instead of just living with guilt, he wanted to do something about it.

At the end of the war as he lay there with Naruto and Sakura was tending to his wounds, he apologized to Sakura. After that scene, no other interactions were done to express his desire to make amends with her. The simple fact that Sakura accepted his apology was enough for him.

On another note, what Sasuke might have been feeling was shame instead of guilt. If you look at it, he is not entirely guilty of his actions. Deep inside he knew that those were needed to be done to attain his goals.

Warning! Spoilers in the video below

If you follow the time stamp that we assigned, you can see how Sasuke poured all of his feelings in just one word, “Sorry.” He is not the type to wallow in guilt.

It was his shame that made him want to atone for his sins. He wanted to be rid of his shame before he can get on with his life.

In fact, it is highly possible that he would not have married Sakura out of shame and not guilt. It was necessary to leave the village and redeem himself and rid himself of shame, which made it possible for him to freely love Sakura.

Sasuke Has Always Been Grateful To Sakura

“My sins have nothing to do with you.” This is part of what Sasuke said to Sakura as he was leaving the Hidden Leaf Village again. He might have told this to her so that she no longer had to worry about both of their burdens.

What is more interesting is that he followed this with, “Thank you.” You will notice that in this episode, Sasuke’s “thanks” are only reserved for Naruto and Sakura. This simple thank you can mean a lot of things:

  • Sasuke thanks Sakura for loving him not just for good things (which a lot of her fangirls did) but also for understanding him during his worst moments.
  • He is also thankful for Sakura as ever since they were little she always looked out for him.
  • It is possible that he is also saying thank you to Sakura as she simply accepted his simple apology and wanted everything to go back to normal, even after all the horrible things he did to her.

The biggest sign that they will eventually get married is behind this simple thank you was the fact that Sakura understood that it was more than a thank you. You can see her reaction in both the anime and manga. His thank you was an acknowledgment of her feelings.

More than that, Sasuke expressed his gratefulness for Sakura in such a simple but romantic way. He even went out of his way to prove to Sakura that he is all-in in their marriage even if he is always gone for an extended period of time.

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