Does Sakura Wear A Ring From Sasuke?

A wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love between the husband and wife. It can also signify that a person is already married. Then, why is it that Sakura seem to not have a ring? Does Sasuke even give Sakura a ring?

Sakura is not wearing a ring from Sasuke in the anime. In the spinoff novel, Sasuke Retsuden, Sasuke gave Sakura a special ring that contains his chakra. This ring is the very first “shinobi ring” as it shows the location of the wearer. The ring also indicates if Sasuke is alive or dead.

Did that surprise you? Well, if you have been doubting whether Sasuke truly loves Sakura, this grand gesture is huge proof that he does. Are you curious on what is the driving force of Sasuke behind the ring? Well, keep on reading!

Sasuke Gives Sakura A Special Ring

In the spin-off novel, Sasuke Retsuden, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi are on an S-rank mission to figure out the mysterious chakra illness that is making Naruto sick. It is within this arc that Sasuke gave Sakura a special ring.

It is unfortunate that we cannot see this unfold in the anime, but who knows? Probably in the future, there can be a filler episode about this special moment. SakuSasu haters will surely have their jaws dropped.

Sasuke Retsuden
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What is so special about the ring that Sasuke gave Sakura is that it symbolizes how he cares for her not only because he wants a symbol for their marriage, but it also shows that he wants to protect Sakura and ease her worries when he is away on missions.

This is huge, coming from Sasuke who is usually indifferent towards her. In this regard, Sasuke trumps Naruto and the others in materializing their love for their significant others.

If this gesture is not enough to prove that Sasuke married Sakura because he loves her, you can read this article to know the many reasons why Sasuke and Sakura are married.

Why Is The Ring Of Sakura Special?

The ring that Sasuke gave Sakura is special because he was the one who actually made it using jutsu. He kneaded chakra on her finger and it turned into sand. The sand then formed rings, just like the rings of the planet Saturn.

Sasuke then transformed the sand into silver. At its core is a sparkling stone which was a ruby. Using impromptu earth-style ninjutsu, Sasuke was able to make a ruby by enhancing the purity of the materials and pushing them to their limits to make it gleam.

Most importantly, the ring contains his chakra. Therefore, when Sakura looks at the ring and it shines, she knows that Sasuke is still alive. Further, the ring is some sort of a tracker as Sasuke’s chakra is molded into it, he always knows the location of Sakura.

Does Sasuke give Sakura a ring?
No need for letters. Sakura now only needs to look at her ring to put her mind at ease.

These tidbits are significant because it clearly shows that Sasuke cares for Sakura. He does not want her to worry too much while he is away from the village and at the same time, it is a way of protecting her.

If you still have doubts about Sasuke’s love for Sakura and think that he probably married her out of guilt, you can read this article.

Another thing to note about this romantic gesture of Sasuke was that he made the decision to give Sakura a ring, right after he learned that some of the prisoners that they encountered in their current mission liked Sakura. They made moves on her as they thought she was not married.

Was Sasuke jealous? As a man of few words, we may never know, but it is highly possible as after he finished creating the ring, he told Sakura, “Wear it. Wearing a ring on the fourth finger is a sign of a married person.” So he wants people to know that Sakura is already taken.

The First Ever Shinobi Ring

Fans of Sasuke are calling the ring that he made for Sakura the first-ever shinobi ring. You might think that this is weird as a lot of other shinobis and kunoichis in their class are already married, therefore, they all have rings.

You might be surprised that at a closer inspection of the series, they are not wearing wedding rings. Probably it is not a tradition in the Naruto universe to exchange rings when two ninjas get married.

The odd thing is, Hinata is sometimes wearing a ring, while Naruto is not seen wearing one. As for the other couples, they are also not wearing wedding rings. It is possible that Sasuke wants to break this tradition, as he stated that the ring is a sign of marriage.

In the anime, Kurenai wears the ring before it was even made known that she is pregnant with Asuma’s child, but in the manga, she only wore the ring while she is going through the stages of pregnancy.

Another example is that of Kurenai. In Naruto Shippuden, she was seen wearing a ring. Although we are not sure if it was a promise ring or a wedding ring given by Asuma, still Kurenai is inconsistently seen to be wearing a ring.

It is not clear if they exchange rings when they are married or if they do have rings and simply remove them to fulfill their ninja duties. But just like what we see in Boruto, they tend to not wear rings, even Hinata.

Final Words

The fact that Sasuke gave a ring to Sakura and not only a regular ring, but a chakra ring proves that he loves her. For Sakura and Sasuke, the ring is not only a testament of their marriage but also a way to connect with each other even if they are apart.

As this is not seen in the current anime, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we can only hope that they add this special moment in a filler episode or in a movie. This will surely add value to the always misunderstood relationship between Sakura and Sasuke.

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