Is Naruto A God? Does He Have Godlike Powers?

It is now time to bow our heads to Naruto. Before we do that, is Naruto considered a god in the Naruto or Boruto Universe? Surely, our precious full-blown bows are reserved for those who have achieved god-tier abilities. Did Naruto become god-like or was he just a typical Hokage?

Naruto is not a God per se. He is considered as god level in power, even a demi-god at that. In the anime, there is a clean line between gods and ninjas who are as powerful as gods or even those who have been given spiritual and physical prowess. He is also not a God of Shinobi.

Were you shocked by the answer? Calm down before you rampage, as we are also a bit iffy about this fact. The good thing is, as we look into this issue we also realized why it is rightful to view Naruto and even Sasuke in this way. Who knows? Being god-like in abilities may just be better than being an actual god at least in the anime. So read on!

Why Is Naruto Only God-Like?

Naruto is only god-like for the simple fact that he is not invincible. Even if the anime did not go into further detail about the gods in the Naruto universe, it is understood that gods in that setting are immortal and divine beings.

Clearly, Naruto does not have those two important factors. Some people may argue that the fact that he had both the yin and yang Kuramas since he was a kid meant that he is also a god. This is logic to this however it is not entirely accurate.

As you watch the anime, the concept of ninjas being blessed with extraordinary physical and spiritual prowess even if a divine being given them this power or it runs through such a powerful bloodline, all of them (yes, all) are regarded as just extremely powerful ninja.

Spoiler: The video below shows the legendary Baryon Mode of Naruto in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. If you are not yet caught up on the latest in the Boruto universe, it is best that you do not seek out why he did this scary mode.

Even then, only a select few have the official title of God of Shinobi, and just like what we mentioned earlier, Naruto does not even have this title. Needless to say, this answer is not really a letdown. When you look at it, it is a bit boring if hypothetically, Naruto turned out to be a god at the start of the series.

All of his hard work, training, sacrifices, and many more are deemed meaningless as he was already powerful from the very start. On the other hand, if he is god-like, it is understood that he achieved this status because of the many things that he and his friends went through.

A mortal, rivaling a power of that of a god. Now, that is something that is interesting to watch!

Why Is Naruto So Powerful?

It is expected that Naruto is one of the strongest in the Naruto and Boruto universe because of course, he is the main character. However, a thing to note about his abilities is that they were not just granted to him. He really had to work hard for everything even if to awaken hidden abilities within him.

We cannot go through every power that Naruto has because you will still be reading this article by the time Boruto ends, so let us just recap a few of them.

Spoiler alert! Most of these powers were attained through major plots in the anime, so be warned!


Naruto came up with this technique when he finally mastered the Principles of Wind Release with the use of Rasengan. When doing this, he needs two shadow clones. One clone adds the wind nature, while the other maintains the chakra, and Naruto himself provides the needed chakra.

The final form of this technique looks like a fuma shuriken. Needless to say, this technique requires a lot of chakra. In the case of Naruto, he can create five of these before he feeling tired while in the Sage mode. On the other hand, if he is in Nine Tails Chakra Mode, he can do this numerous times.

is naruto a god of shinobi
The Wind Release: Rasenshuriken’s color was inconsistent within the anime. More often than not, it looks white, but sometimes it is yellow or has a tinge of orange. There is nothing much to it except for the fact that Masashi had yet to decide the final color of the technique was at the time.

Keep in mind that its edges do not only slice and pierce anything upon contact, but its core also explodes which can create a vortex. It does not stop there, within that vortex, there are also countless wind blades. A note about these wind blades is the fact that a hit from them is something that medical ninjutsu cannot solve.

Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken

For this technique, Naruto makes use of the power that was given to him by Otsutsuki or the Sage of Six Paths. Just a side note, this granted power is also the reason why a lot of people think that Naruto is a god.

If you can remember, Otsutsuki is known as the founder of all things ninja as he founded ninshu. In a way, he was very god-like. Add to that the fact that he is the son of Kaguya who is the very first person to utilize chakra.

Again, emphasis on the world “god-like.” He can do such amazing things as to be compared as being a divine being, but still, he is not a god. Hence, even though he bestowed such power to Naruto, he is still not considered a god.

Going back to this power, this is where eight of the shadow clones of Naruto create a Rasenshuriken that also has the chakra of different tailed beasts. As for which is which of different chakra forms are in the tailed beasts, it was never fully explained in the series.

According to Narutopedia, it can be the following:

  • Rasenshuriken of Shukaku: magnetized sand
  • Rasenshuriken of Matatabi: has blue fire
  • Rasenshuriken of Isobu: made of water
  • Rasenshuriken of Son Goku: chakra infused lava
  • Rasenshuriken of Kokuo: makes use of steam
  • Rasenshuriken of Saiken: resembles Soap Bubble Ninjutsu
  • Rasenshuriken of Chomei: still unknown
  • Rasenshuriken of Gyuki: made with ink
  • Rasenshuriken of Kurama: original rasenshuriken

This is how this technique looks like. A lot of people hyped this technique when Naruto used it as it is “very Naruto” His logic behind this was that he did not know what Kaguya’s weakness is, so he resorted to attacking with all tailed beasts just to see which one works on her. Spontaneous as always, Naruto!

Shadow Clone Jutsu

From the very beginning, this technique was mastered by Naruto. A lot of fans argue that this is one of his most normal jutsus in such a way that every other ninja can also do this technique. However, they might be forgetting that Naruto seems to be the only one who can do multiple clones.

In fact, he can create an army of just shadow clones. Keep in mind that these clones are not just illusions that will vanish into thin air when struck. These clones can also use chakra, much like the original caster.

This signature jutsu of his is always the base of his fighting style. In all of his fights may it be a minor or major fight, he always uses this overpowered jutsu.

is naruto a god in boruto
It is ironic how Naruto came to master Shadow Clone Jutsu because from the beginning, especially during the Genin exam, he failed initially as he knew that the Shadow Clone Jutsu was his weakest jutsu. OG Naruto fans are fond of his sexy clone jutsu! Yay, for fan service!

A thing to note is that this technique is actually forbidden when done in multiples aka the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. This is the case as the clone share the chakra of the caster. Therefore, if you create too much shadow clones, the chakra will be used up.

Of course, Naruto is an exception to this as he as endless chakra ore at least more chakra that any ninja. This is because of the Nine Tails inside him. However, things will change as in the latest episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Kurama or the Nine Tailed Fox is already gone, which of course affects the overall chakra of Naruto.

Is Naruto God Of Shinobi?

Naruto is not an official God of Shinobi, at least it was never declared as so. So far, there are only three known Gods of Shinobi. This topic can actually become a full-on debate when brought before hardcore fans of Naruto who watched the anime and also read the manga.

For a lot of them, Naruto should already be a God of Shinobi. As far as the series goes, Naruto is still being considered as a God of Shinobi. For those who read the manga (I have not finished reading it), they say that all the happenings in the manga dictate that Naruto does not need to be officially titled as a God of Shinobi as he is already God of Shinobi.

This video also contains the other ninjas who can be considered as God of Shinobi. Even if it is stated that there are seven, there are just actually three Gods of Shinobi. For the others, they are just based on speculation and theories.

On the other hand, a lot of people still adhere to the very strict definition of being a God of Shinobi. A God of Shinobi is someone who has immense power and is the most powerful and strongest ninja in his or her era. It should be noted, that no one can compare to his or her capabilities.

This is where Naruto falls short as it is still contested if he is the only strongest ninja in his era. The keyword here is “only.” Comparing this situation to other Gods of Shinobi, it is easy to affirm that the Gods of Shinobi are definitely the strongest during their time.

On the other hand, during the time of Naruto, a lot of fans may argue that Sasuke is just as strong or even stronger than Naruto. For a lot of people, this is why Naruto is not yet a God of Shinobi even if he is on a god tier level.

Gods Of Shinobi

For us to understand why Naruto is yet to be a God of Shinobi even though he is one of the strongest shinobi, we should also take a look at the ones who are actually Gods of Shinobi.

Make no mistake that these Gods of Shinobi are considered Gods in the manga and anime, even if they can rival the power of gods.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Does Naruto have godlike powers?

He is better known as the Sage of Six Paths. He is actually the eldest son of Kaguya who also helped seal her with the help of his brother.

He was the very first to have the Rinnegan and thanks to him there is a system for ninjas. He is so powerful that even if he is already dead, he can still travel through time.

Hashirama Senju

What is Naruto God form?

He was the first-ever Hokage. It is very easy for him to defeat Madara and the Nine-Tailed Fox with the use of his Kekkei Genkai.

Madara, who is his rival also admitted that he is inferior to him even with the use of his most powerful technique that utilizes tailed beasts.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

You will expect nothing but the best from the sensei of Orochimaru. He is the third Hokage and his knowledge and wisdom surpass all his Jutsu prowess.

He is an advocate of the Will of Fire where the guidance and wisdom of a Hokage should be for the betterment of a family or a community. Take note, he was personally selected by the second Hokage as the next in line at such a young age.

As you can see, the one thing that is uniform with these Gods of Shinobi is the fact that they are the number one undisputed strongest shinobi in that specific era. Even if they surpass their rivals by 1% only, it is still clear that they are the strongest.

In the case of Naruto, we cannot claim that yes, absolutely he is number one as during his time or even his prime, before Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, there are also strong ninjas that come close or are equally close in power with Naruto.

Is Naruto Still Powerful Without Kurama?

As we are on the topic of Naruto being compared to a god in the Naruto universe as his powers are already god-tier level, this is the big question in everyone’s minds.

For those who are not yet caught up with the current Boruto series, this serves as a spoiler warning.

It was shown (to the shock of many) that Kurama is already gone. For a lot of fans who have been there from the original Naruto series, they see this as a humongous nerf on Naruto’s abilities. (We explain everything in detail here: Does Naruto Lose The Nine Tails?)

For hardcore Sasuke fans, they also reiterate the fact that Kurama himself told Naruto that he should now be careful as his chakra is diminished and he can no longer do his spontaneous and careless moves as he can no longer be healed almost instantly.

is naruto a demigod
It has been a trend that Naruto and Kurama were taken as just one. But now that there is no longer Kurama, fans are starting to see how strong Naruto really is even without the help of Kurama.

In our case, we agree that the departure of the nine-tailed fox is truly a nerf on Naruto. However, this is a much-deserved nerf as he is extremely overpowered to the point that he seems invincible. At a glance, this nerf makes him look weak, but in truth, he is still strong but it made him seem more relatable.

Even without Kurama, Naruto still has countless jutsus to utilize as well as other spiritual powers granted to him. Yes, his chakra may not be this bottomless well anymore, but at this point, he already knows how to control his original chakra, so the bonus chakra from Kurama is just a special gift that he no longer needs.

What do you think? Is Naruto still as strong? Even without Kurama, can he still be considered as god-tier level?

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