Is Anime Still Hand-Drawn?

is anime still hand-drawn

If you’ve watched anime through the years, you may have observed that the style and quality have changed significantly in the past years. Because everything animated in the West is now created using computer-generated imagery, you would have just presumed that anime began to do the same. Anime is now a mix of hand-drawing and … Read more

Here Is Why Anime Makes You Cringe

why does anime make me cringe

Have you ever encountered a person who said that anime makes them cringe? It’s a common sentiment. And while I can get defensive on behalf of the animes I love, I have to admit that even as an anime fan, there are times when anime makes me cringe as well. Anime makes people cringe because … Read more

20 Reasons Why Some People Just Hate Anime

why do people hate anime

Have you ever talked to a person who went on and on about how much they disliked anime? I have. But while I could shrug off their condescension as unreasonable, there may be something to be gained from understanding their perspective. Some people hate anime because there are elements in anime that they consider unpalatable. … Read more

Are Anime Fans Socially Awkward?

Are anime fans socially awkward

When I first started watching anime, a part of me didn’t want to tell other people about it. At the time, anime fans were generally thought of as weird and awkward, and though I was a social, outgoing person, I still feared that I would be ostracized because of the stigma. Some anime fans are … Read more

Do Anime Figures Hold Their Value?

Do anime figures hold their value?

Many people believe that when they buy anime figures and keep them in mint condition, the value for these items will shoot up somewhere down the line. This is why collectors justify their purchases by calling these figures “an investment.” Some rare, hand-painted anime figures can hold or even increase their value. However, mass-produced ones … Read more

Is Naruto Already A Classic Anime?

is naruto a classic

No one could argue against the fact that Naruto is one of the most famous anime series ever. However, there has been contention about whether it could already be considered a classic anime, especially since it only finished recently. Nonetheless, Naruto is already a classic anime. Its popularity, longevity, influence, and story elements are proof … Read more

Is It Bad To Be An Otaku?

Is it bad to be an otaku?

If you enjoy anime and manga, it’s possible that you have come across the term otaku or even refer to yourself as such. The name otaku can be seen as similar to “geek” or “nerd” in English. As with other labels or terms used to describe people, the Japanese term otaku can be used negatively, … Read more