Sasuke And Sakura: Do They Regret Their Marriage?

Sasuke and Sakura have a complicated marriage. We are already in the Boruto era, yet fans seem to think that Sasuke does not even love Sakura. On the other hand, it is also possible that Sakura regrets marrying Sasuke. So do Sasuke and Sakura regret getting married?

Sasuke and Sakura do not regret getting married. For both of them, their union is one of the most significant things that happened in their lives. They do regret that they do not have a lot of time together, besides going on far-out missions. They also regret not raising Sarada together.

It is not easy to read into the relationship of Sasuke and Sakura as our knowledge is limited to manga and anime, which do not really show much of their relationship. The secret lies, in a spin-off novel named, Sasuke Retsuden. Read on to know more details about this misunderstood couple!

Does Sasuke Regret Marrying Sakura?

Sasuke does not regret marrying Sakura. It was not seen in the anime, but the decision to get married came from both of them while they are out on a mission away from the Hidden Leaf Village.

A lot of time had passed since Sasuke left the village after the Fourth Shinobi War and Sakura remained in the village, waiting for Sasuke’s return. When he did manage to return, they finally got an opportunity to travel and do missions outside the village.

Slight spoiler ahead.

This time, Sakura went with Sasuke. It was at this time that they developed their romantic bond. Sakura even managed to get pregnant at this point, resulting in her giving birth to Sarada in one of Orochimaru’s hideouts.

The timeline of when they got married and when they had Sarada is unclear. A lot of fans speculate that Sarada was born out of wedlock as Sakura’s outfit during that arc still did not have the Uchiha clan’s crest.

Therefore, she might have gotten pregnant during the time Sasuke came back to the village every now and then. This was even before they arrived at the decision to get married.

This was the time Sasuke asked Naruto to hold a Kage Summit. As you can see, Sakura is still not wearing the Uchiha crest. Therefore, they are not yet married. Yet, after this chapter, Sakura gave birth to Sarada. (Source)

With this alone, we can conclude that they have deep romantic feelings for each other even before Sakura got pregnant. So marrying Sakura simply because she was pregnant is out of the question.

As we also mentioned the significance of Sakura donning the Uchiha clan’s crest, you might be thinking that Sasuke married Sakura simply because he wanted to restore his clan. You can find out the answer in this read.

Sasuke Expresses His Regret In Sasuke Retsuden

In the spin-off novel, Sasuke Retsuden, it was there that Sasuke revealed what he regrets the most, and no, it is not marrying Sakura. In fact, his regret shows that he loves Sakura.

It was in this novel that Sasuke said that he feels sad whenever he goes back to the Hidden Leaf Village and sees the changes in Sakura and also Sarada. As he saw the change before him, he realized that he missed a lot of happy memories that he could have shared with them.

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He also said that if it was possible, he would always stay by the side of Sakura. However, he noted that this was impossible. Even if they share the same desires, they both have roles to play.

Sakura is needed in the village, while he is well-suited and more of use for the village when he is away doing missions. This is a good take on how ninja relationships work. They simply cannot just enjoy married life, because first and foremost, they are shinobi and kunoichi.

Does Sasuke Love Sakura While Married?

It is hard to really tell Sasuke’s feelings because he does not show or express them. There are just slight nuances in his actions in the anime that can hint at an endearing feeling towards Sakura.

In Boruto, it was shown that he asks for advice from other people on how to better show his romantic feelings for Sakura. At the same time, he exerts effort to have a good relationship with Sarada. These are slight clues that show that he cares for both of them.

Sasuke Retsuden spoiler ahead!

His love for Sakura, however, was confirmed in Sasuke Retsuden. It was here that Ganno, a prisoner in the Astronomy Research Institute, had a conversation with Sakura.

He told Sakura, that Sasuke spends most of his time in this particular cell with a window. He would look out at a plant that is growing outside the grounds and patiently wait for it to bloom.

Ganno never understood why Sasuke did this, but now he understood why. Of course, he said this to Sakura after learning that the former is the wife of Sasuke.

Sakura went into the cell to look at the plant and saw that when it bloomed, the dainty flower had a pale pink color, resembling her hair. It was then that she understood that Sasuke was constantly thinking of her and that he misses her while he is out on missions for a long time.

This is heavy proof that even if Sasuke is away from the village, he longs for Sakura. If this is not enough reason as to why Sasuke married Sakura, then you can read this article to find out more reasons.

Does Sakura Regret Marrying Sasuke?

Sakura does not regret marrying Sasuke. For her, their relationship may be complicated to others (as shown by Ino asking Sakura about their marriage) but to her, their bond goes beyond the actions of the usual married couple.

If there is any regret on Sakura’s part, it is the fact that Sasuke misses a lot of treasured moments with Sarada. Keep in mind, her thoughts regarding this regret do not include herself. Therefore, she wholly accepts that Sasuke cannot be with her all the time, albeit disappointing.

In Sasuke Retsuden, she expressed her regrets about the only time for her and Sasuke to be together is when they have an S-Rank mission. Even then, they cannot take Sarada with them.

Keep in mind that after the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura established a mental health facility for children and shinobi who were affected by the war. On top of that, she is also helping with the Konoha hospital.

She understood that she had a role to fulfill in the Hidden Leaf Village, and she simply cannot leave all her responsibilities to spend some lovey-dovey time with Sasuke outside the village. Therefore, she appreciates the time when her being a kunoichi and a wife coincide.

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