Why Anime Is So Addictive

Are you reading this now because you feel like you need an anime detox? Do you think you are overdoing it? Stop right there! Put down that remote. Aghh, it’s hard to do right? It can be frustrating as anime can be truly addictive (responsible anime addict here)

Anime is addictive not only because of its stunning visuals and storyline but also because it can completely sell a fantasy to its audience. There are many types of anime and you will find one that perfectly suits your taste.

If you feel like you are spending way too much time watching anime, and you are thinking of an anime detox, this read is perfect for you! Spoiler alert: You do not need a detox, you just need to pace yourself. Find out why anime has this special pull that we simply cannot shake off.

Anime Is Addictive Because…

There are just those times when you find the perfect anime that, you are left surprised when you find out that there are no episodes to watch anymore. What happened? Well, you finished 36 episodes in one sitting.

Is this magic? What makes anime so addictive? Find out below.

Anime Has Fully-Developed Characters That Trigger Emotional Reactions

If there is anything that makes anime stand out from other animations, it is the fact that they almost always come up with a fully-developed character.

By the end of the anime, the creators make sure that the viewers understand the story of a character completely (to the point that they can dedicate a whole arc just for character development)

You may notice that sometimes if the storyline of an anime is so simple that everything can be covered in just 12 episodes, they add twists to the simple storyline by explaining in detail why the main and side characters in the anime are the way they are.

Where does this leave us? Well, of course, we fall deeply in love with the characters!

There are even times when the storyline becomes so bad, but we kept watching simply because we are rooting for a certain character. (That’s part of one of the reasons why you should NOT watch anime – more on that in our article here.)

More often than not, the anime finds a way to make us empathize with the protagonists and even the antagonists.

(Spoiler alert, skip to the paragraph below to avoid Code Geass spoilers)

An example is that of Lelouch Vi Britannia of Code Geass. He is a character that left the anime community divided as until now, we cannot agree if he was truly a villain or not. Nevertheless, when he died at the finale, we were all left shocked and devastated even though he committed a lot of atrocities.

is it bad to be addicted to anime?
Oh, Lelouch, we cannot count how many fans changed their names in their social media accounts to your name, simply because they understood you completely. Anime: Code Geass

Anime Has Creative Plots That Make You Want To Know More

Almost all animes have simple plots. Based on the type of anime that you are watching, it can range from the main character being the best, the main character exacting revenge, the main character finding out who he should be, etc.

However, these simple plots turn into explosive plots due to twists and character changes that affect the whole storyline. Think of it as when Snape in Harry Potter turned out to be a good guy all along. You should expect a lot of those twists in anime.

The good thing about these twists is that they never lose sight of the main plot. The twists are just there to enhance the story but the story itself is deeply rooted in a strong plot that keeps us curious about what will happen next, thus the anime addiction syndrome that we are talking about.

Take One Piece, for example, the main goal of the anime is to find the One Piece so that Luffy will become the Pirate King. In order to fulfill that goal, you have to go through a lot of adventures with twists and turns.

An anime that is a bit underrated but has such a powerful plot and a thrilling twist is Another.

how do I get rid of my addiction to anime
Anime: Another
This anime will get you hooked in just one episode. If you like thrillers or creepy stories, you might just like this one.

For those who like ominous themes in anime, Another will surely get you hooked because nothing is revealed completely. Is the main character talking to a ghost? Who is the killer? Why are these things happening to the students?

The anime, Another will truly exemplify that indeed, anime can be addictive.

Anime Has Excellent Visuals That Give A Feeling Of “Home”

Anime is known for its great visuals and cinematography. This is simply expected as anime is not anime were it not for its stunning visuals. There are a lot of variations of the animations based on their creators.

Some have a classical look to them, while others are overly exaggerated. Modern anime has this trend of having a sharp and crisp look like the ones in Demon Slayer and Food Wars. But there are still modern animes that adapt a distinct visual style.

A good example is The Way of the Househusband. As it was adapted from manga, the creators of the anime decided to animate episodes with a manga feel. The visuals are colorful and lively but the way it was presented feels like you are speed reading through manga.

why are people so obsessed with anime
Some viewers were disappointed with this anime as they expected traditional anime visuals and storytelling. For some people, the literal unveiling of the story “manga-style” is refreshing.

There are also animes that portray what we see in the real world. In fact, most animes that are set in Japan have realistic settings. The popular anime film, Your Name has a lot of settings that exist in Japan.

The famous scene of Your Name is actually set in a real location in Japan. This one is the Suga Shrine Stairs. (Source)

As the visuals of anime are usually easy on the eyes. We easily get a feel of the story and the setting which helps us get into the anime more and more.

Anime Has Endless Possibilities

When we choose an anime to watch, we buy into a fantasy. As we have mentioned earlier, as there are several types of anime, it is next to impossible to not find one that you will fancy.

Therefore, when you find that perfect anime for you, all your aspirations can be met in that certain anime.

Even though the anime is in a realistic setting, the way the story unfolds makes the viewer consider all the possibilities that can call for a happy ending.

If you like romance, there are a lot of animes to choose from where you can live out your fantasy of finding the perfect guy or girl.

If you are a fan of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, there are also a bunch of anime that you can watch.

Whatever your interest may be, there is surely an anime that will match it. This is why it is so relaxing to watch the anime of your choice as it can cater to your wants and desires.

why are people addicted to anime
Another example is Initial D. We are no longer just talking about the story of the anime here. This anime inspired car enthusiasts and car fans, in general, to know more about race cars, constructing projects cars, the local race scenes, etc.

Further, if you love an anime that is not yet done and has a cult following, the wonders of that anime do not stop on the small or big screen.

You can also be trusted into an anime community where you can discuss possible future storylines and twists. Just like what we said earlier, anime had endless possibilities thus making it so addictive.

Is Anime Addictive To Younger People Only?

Anime can be addictive to people of all ages. As you may know by now, anime is not only for younger people. In fact, more and more animes are being released that are catered for older people aged 18 years old up to 40 years old.

The children who watched Dragon Ball and liked it then are the same adults that are watching Attack on Titan now. So one can say that anime can cut through the age gap. However, the bad side of this is that there is really anime addiction that heavily exists in younger age groups (13-18 years old)

This is a case where anime simply dictates how a person lives his life. A person suffering from anime addiction may no longer do his daily activities as he is stuck in his anime fantasy. This is where it gets dangerous as this addiction needs medical help.

I have been here. The longest time that I did not sleep as I was binge-watching an anime was three days. On the 4th day, I felt like I was a skeleton. Please do not do this. Remember that anime is there to stay, even if you sleep. It will still be there when you wake up. Do not let your anime-watching habits get the best of you. (Source)

But in general, anime can be addictive to a 10-year-old as well as a 30-year-old. As we have discussed earlier, the world of anime is vast and you will find something that you can truly love.

So once you find it, you simply do not want it to end until you reach the last episode.


Anime can be very addictive as we are thrown in this loop of great visuals and storytelling that can strike a chord in our hearts. As we fall in love with the story and characters, we must remember to balance things out.

Remember, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So if you feel that anime is taking over your life, it is time to step back and take a break. Remember that anime is there for entertainment, relaxation, and even inspiration.

The things that we learn in anime should not just stay within the fantasy that we bought when we watched a certain anime.

Once we are done with the anime, it is time to face reality and look at life with a fresh perspective, brought about by the anime that we just watched.

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