Why Attack On Titan Season 4 Is So Confusing

You are probably reading this now while taking a break from watching Season 4. I had the same break when I started Season 4 as everything is just too much and it is truly confusing. Like, what is happening exactly? Why is Eren acting so strange?

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1 is confusing because there was a time skip. The happenings during the time skip were revealed, but they were in fragments and it was up to the viewers to piece them together. A lot of elements were also added to the main story plot.

If you are as confused as I was when watching Part1, then you came to the right place! Keep on reading to make sense of it all!

The Confusion Of Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1

Looking back, I realized that it was confusing because there are a lot of overlaps in the timeline. Season 4 shows the events that happened before the Attack on Wall Maria, then switches it to the present event and how they correlate with each other.

Attack on Titan at this point is tackling the story head-on without giving the viewers time to absorb all of the happenings. But again, this is the mood that the series wants to take on.

We are meant to be confused, breathless, and even impatient at this point. Much like what is happening in the story.

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What Happened In The Attack Of Marley?

Season 4 brought about a shift in Eren’s character. He is now shown as being this hybrid protagonist-antagonist. It was because of his own resolve that Marley was attacked by Eren and with the sudden backup of the Survey Corps.

Spoiler alert!

However, the key turning point in Season 4 is the truth that was revealed to Marleyans by the Tybur Family. As for the Tybur Family, they are Eldians who are honorary Marleyans who are respected everywhere as they are the family that opposed their own rule during the Great Titan War.

At least, that was what King Fritz and the Tybur Family wanted the people of Marley to believe.

The truth was, King Fritz, having grown tired and ridden with guilt because of the oppression brought about by the power of titans, simply decided to gain peace by leaving and settling in what we know now as Paradis.

why do I not understand attack on titan season 4?
The subtle goodbye of Willy Tybur. He already knew that an attack on Marley was imminent and that he may no longer see his family again. This is not actually included in the manga, but the anime enriched the sequence with this touching scene.

King Fritz collaborated with the Tybur Family to end the war and help Marley in gaining an advantage, ultimately winning the Great Titan War.

They then made a fictional hero called Helos, so that Marley will also think that they were the ones responsible for winning the war.

It was then that King Fritz made the vow of peace and went away to Paradis. By this time, you may feel that everything is simply pointless.

Marley is fighting a war against Paradis when they also should be indebted to it, right?

AoT Season 4 confusing
This is the statue of Helos in Marley. It was only upon Willy Tybur’s speech did the Marleyans knew the truth. This sequence is actually intense as the revelation was not the focus. The camera shifts from Willy’s speech, to the confrontation of Eren and Reiner, and a lot of bombs. This is also the reason why a lot of viewers did not understand what is so important with Willy’s speech.

At the same time, it is difficult to move on over the fact that Eldians, after acquiring the titan power, went to extreme lengths to oppress Marley.

How about the Eldians in Marley who are painstakingly trying to become an honorary Marleyan? Everything they know about their history is false, and even after knowing some of the truths about it, what are they left with?

Endless oppression and even hate for their own race.

AOT 101: The Founding Titan has the ability to remove and manipulate the memories of Subjects of Ymir. The Ackermans are immune to this, which was why their bloodline was eradicated. It was to ensure that the truth of the Eldians are not revealed to those who moved to Paradis. Before the move to Paradis, the Ackerman bloodline were the protectors of the royal family.

What Happened In The Time Skip?

The time skip on Attack on Titan was not even acknowledged in the first few episodes of Season 4. But the time skip is actually four years after what happened in Season 3.

At this time, the mission to get the Founding Titan in Paradis was put on hold as Marley is busy winning a war against another nation. It was only with the realization that their enemies have anti-titan weaponry did they only thought of resuming the mission on Paradis.

It is confusing to figure out the events during the time skip because it is presented in fragments and only explained when a situation calls for it. So just look at the following to see the key happenings during the time skip:

Note: The following information does not contain content from the manga. It is only based on what is available on anime, just to be fair to the people who only watch the anime.

  • There is a change in Eren shifting to an antagonist from being the protagonist. His real motives are not yet revealed in the anime.
  • Paradis opened its doors to other nations. They learned of new technology and even had Marleyans living and working in Paradis.
  • The idea of starting the rumbling came to be, which was brought about by the selfish plans of both Zeke and Eren.
Attack on Titan Season 4 explained
We are introduced to new characters like Yelena in Season 4. She is a member of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers.

What Is Next For Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2?

As far as the anime goes, it is still unfinished and viewers are still confused as to why Eren is being such a huge pain in the butt. For those who read the manga, you guys already know the ending.

But let us first stick to the anime so as not to spoil the ending for those who only watch Attack on Titan. The present situation is very chaotic. Zeke has his own motivations to simply end it all in what he calls as “euthanasia of Eldians.”

He also revealed that Eren is in cahoots with him when the latter realized that it is the only way to get peace. At the same time, the Yeagerists are causing havoc in Paradis. So everyone is just divided at this point.

Whatever Season 4 Part 2 may bring in the anime, we are sure that it is just as confusing as the other seasons. At the very least when the revelation comes to a point, everything will be explained.

So again, patience is key when dealing with AOT. Ooh! That rhymed.

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