3 Reasons Why Boruto Is So Sad

Boruto is definitely getting a lot of traction with its latest manga release. So as not to spoil it for you as it will be a long time before the recent events go live in the anime, all we can say is it shocking and sad at the same time. But have you noticed that there are more sad moments in Boruto compared to the other shows?

Boruto is sad because the protagonist was given a harrowing destiny. The first episode alone shows the biggest conflict of the show and that is a major fight between “brothers.” Further, the new generation of ninjas always gets sad flashbacks about the roots of their parents and village.

We can hate on Boruto all that we want due to its inconsistent storyline and bad pacing, but one cannot deny that they execute emotional scenes to a T. So why is it that we tend to cry more in this series? Was this intentional? To learn more about the soft side of Boruto, keep on reading.

Reason #1: Boruto Has A Sad Destiny

Boruto might have been inconsistent in terms of keeping with the ninja and jutsu theme from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, but it is very consistent in giving hints as to what will happen to Boruto.

Spoilers ahead.

We know that Boruto has the karma mark and this ties him with the Otsutsuki. In fact, in the fight with Momoshiki, he told Naruto that it is a pity that he would not be able to pass on the power of the nine-tailed fox to Boruto.

It was also discussed that Boruto may just be the strongest ninja to ever live, and even Sasuke shared his sentiments about this situation as he felt that something sinister is about to happen that is linked to Boruto.

Heavy spoiler! Be warned.

It was then revealed that Boruto is the perfect vessel for Momoshiki Otsutsuki to be reborn in.

Further, the fast advancement of the karma mark on Boruto is proving to be difficult on Naruto and Boruto as it will not be long before his body becomes that of an Otsutsuki.

This is a huge problem as Naruto is the Hokage and it is his duty to defend his village. If the threat is his own child, then what will he do?

On the other hand, this is also a burden on Boruto as he simply wants to be acknowledged as a shinobi, yet he cannot seem to have a normal life.

Why Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is so sad
In Episode 100, there is a scene where Boruto talks about destiny. He is trying to express his thoughts about a pre-destined fate and he claimed that no one can dictate destiny, and it is one’s goals and actions that lead to where you want to be. At the same time, he is also questioning himself as to what will happen with his destiny.

Reason #2: The New Generation Yearns For Their Parents

Naruto is a lousy father. There, I said it.

This is very ironic as Naruto yearned to have parents when he was little, and even until now. Therefore, it was a surprise when it turned out that he will be bad at it.

In general, the way that Naruto handles his fatherly duties is the same way as he does his Hokage responsibilities, which is unfair for Boruto and Himawari.

Spoiler alert!

An example of this is Naruto missing Boruto’s birthday, and the latter trying his best to not let it bother him, even if it does.

They ended up making a promise that Naruto should be present on Himawari’s birthday, only for Naruto to go back on his promise.

The same goes for the conflict between Sarada, Sakura, and Sasuke. For the longest time, Sarada believed that her mother was Karin.

Can you believe that?

These past-generation ninjas need parenting seminars so as not to traumatize their kids.

In line with the family conflicts, there are certain arcs where we get to go to other dimensions to go back in the past. It is there where the waterworks come in.

Boruto learns about his father’s past and realizes how he has made life difficult for him. Sasuke made us cry when he went back to the past and saw the young Sakura.

All these past flashbacks can really make anyone cry. Make sure to not skip the episode where Boruto gets to talk to the young Naruto, and Naruto asks him what his father is like not knowing that he was talking to his own son. Tears, I tell you.

Reason #3: The First Episode Is A Glimpse To The Bleak Future

The first episode of Boruto is truly eye-catching in such a way that it showed an intense fight and having the quote, “The age of shinobi is over.”

Then we see Boruto who is standing his ground despite his injuries, giving us the impression that as long as there is still a shinobi willing to fight, it will never end.

Fast forward to the current happenings in Boruto, we now know that he is fighting Kawaki, who he considers as his brother. Naruto also took in Kawaki and their family treated him as their own.

This is sad in itself as they were bound to become enemies in the future. We are not ready for the falling out of the brothers, nor are we ready to learn that one of them may die.

Boruto Manga
Are they really going to try to kill each other? Will something happen at the end, where they end up just making peace?

A lot of fans are hating on Boruto simply because it does not have the dynamics of characters in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

However, we tend to overlook the fact that in the first episode alone, we already have a Kawaki and Boruto stand-off which mirrors what happened between Naruto and Sasuke.

We can only hope that the major fight will not leave us in tears, but we have to wait a bit longer to see what will happen.

Final Thoughts

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have some pretty heavy scenes, especially when a major character dies or a mission ends up being a failure. Boruto also has its share of sad sequences, but in their case, it is simply done right.

You will notice that in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, there is suddenly a rush of content with regard to a specific character if and when they have to die or sacrifice themselves.

It is as if, they were trying to make us feel something for the character so that when their final fate is sealed, it has more effect.

In Boruto, there is no such thing. The transition of their lives are flawless, so a lot of times, we are caught off guard when someone dies or if there is an emotional scene. The scene flows naturally. Truly, in this regard, Boruto holds the seal of approval.

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