5 Reasons Why Naruto Is So Addictive

It is surprising to discover that the viewing habit for the Naruto anime is finicky (unlike the anime itself) Further research showed that there is this big and thick line between being addicted to watching Naruto and simply not getting into it. But for those who are addicted to Naruto, why is that?

Naruto is so addictive as it ticks all the boxes for your typical shonen anime. It is an easy watch but at the same time, you get the essence of the anime without watching heavy scenes. Also, the side plots are shrouded with tons of mystery that just makes the viewer want to watch more.

Are you addicted to watching Naruto? Or do you belong to the other faction where the addiction does not really hit you? Whichever faction you belong to, one thing is for sure, Naruto has an interesting story that anyone would love to finish via binge-watch mode or erratic viewing. More reasons, you say? Well, read on!

What Makes Naruto Addicting To Watch?

Welcome, would-be addicts to watching Naruto or recovering addicts who are trying to justify their actions. Jokes aside, let us take a look at why you cannot just watch an episode of Naruto when you start one.

Seriously, you will surprise yourself when you peer through your windows and see the sun saying hi to you when you started watching an episode at nine o’clock in the evening. (This happened to me)

1. Naruto Has A Fast Pace

Naruto is one of the few big franchises of shonen anime that has a fast pace. What we mean when we say about the fast pace is not about the release of the anime (all big franchises seem to be slow) but about the advancement of the main plot.

With every episode, you are assured of development in the main plot that the adventures that you go through with the characters are traversing a straight and steady line.

This does not go to show that you should not expect any fillers, because one way or another filler episodes simply cannot be prevented.

The good news is, you are not thrust into flashbacks over flashback while watching such a monumental fight. The fight simply goes on.

Yes, sometimes, there are still flashbacks, but they are kept short. In short, the 20 minute run time of an episode is quality watching time.

Check out this fight scene between Naruto and Gaara. Even though there are explanations in between the exchange of blows, the episode is just focused on the action.

2. Naruto Does Not Reveal Side Plots Easily

What makes an anime or any other show binge-worthy? Mystery, of course! When you do not know what is going to happen next, you just keep watching to find out in the next episodes if there is a revelation or if there are some clues regarding the mystery.

In the case of Naruto, we already know the main plot and it is Naruto’s journey and struggle in becoming the best Hokage. However, we are left in the dark when it comes to the side plots (and there are a lot of side plots)

Spoiler alert in the image below! Be warned if you do not want to read a shocking side plot reveal!

kakashi naruto
It was a huge mystery as to why Kakashi has a Sharingan eye when it is supposed to be present in specific bloodlines. Turns out, this eye is from Obito, his former classmate.

Why are Naruto’s origins kept from him? What is the deal with these weird sannins? What is up with this Akatsuki organization? It just questions after questions that we are forced or even compelled to watch another episode or two to find some sort of answer.

3. Naruto Has A Lot Of Interesting Technical Aspects

Naruto is an anime about ninjas, so of course, there are a lot of technical ninja aspects in the series. Case in point, the numerous jutsus. In general, we know of the ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. But these jutsus also extend to different categories.

Further, in order to do these jutsus, ninjas should know how to utilize their chakra, which is also a technicality in the anime that we can discuss for hours on end. A good thing about the series is that little by little, they explain the intricacies of these ninja components.

Am I addicted to Naruto?
A jutsu that caught my fancy was that of Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. Those who fall trap to this jutsu either die or will never recover completely, even if Itachi barely lifts a finger to use this jutsu.

The skills and powers shown in Naruto are unlike the ones we see in One Piece wherein it is just utilization of power like Haki or users of the devil fruit.

In Naruto, there are apt jutsus in every situation that requires training and mastery. Even watching the explanation of these jutsus is entertaining by itself.

4. Naruto Has Fantastic Characters

A thing that keeps viewers interested in an anime is the existence of characters that are relatable. In the case of Naruto, the side characters start of bland. However, this blandness is not actually a disadvantage rather a sound strategy.

Why is that? These bland characters have the ability to surprise the viewers once there is a shift in their characterization. This surprise is then turned into curiosity about how the character will develop.

A good example of this is Shikamaru. From the very beginning, he is a side character that we barely notice until it was revealed how smart and powerful he was during the Chunin exam.

We thought that he was just a typical runt, but we were caught off guard when he persevered as a decoy during the forest chase for Sasuke.

You can see the major transition of this bland character into that of a hero. So much so that in the current Boruto universe, Shikamura is hailed as the smartest person in the Hidden Leaf Village. Who would have thought that this lazy kid will be so strong?

Even as the series focuses on Naruto and other key characters, we find joy in knowing the progress of the other characters. Honestly, I find myself rewatching old episodes just to see the transition of the once bland side characters.

5. Naruto Is The Epitome Of A Great Shonen Anime

Last but definitely not least, Naruto has all the makings of your typical shonen anime. Even if I am a hardcore fan of One Piece, I can say with confidence that Naruto is more of a classic shonen anime than One Piece.

The reason behind this is the fact that Naruto evolved with its central idea of the world of ninjas. Yes, not all arcs are that epic, and some are repetitive, but for the good arcs, your call for ninja action is almost always answered.

If you are watching a shonen anime for the sake of watching a shonen anime, your expectation is action mixed with comedy and that is exactly what Naruto offers.

Of course, there are still heavy moments in the anime, which is understandable as there are still serious plots, but as a typical shonen anime, each episode is jam-packed with action that leaves viewers with anticipation for the next episode.

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