Why Sasuke Didn’t Marry Karin

Many Naruto fans who aren’t into the Sasuke-Sakura pairing ask, why did Sasuke marry Sakura when Karin was waiting in the wings for him? Yet it isn’t quite about why Sasuke chose Sakura; the better question to ask is why he didn’t choose Karin?

Sasuke didn’t marry Karin because he cared for her as a friend and a comrade, nothing more. Regardless of bond and history, the only person who could thaw Sasuke’s heart and make him feel romantic love was Sakura, whom he ended up with.

Some say Karin was a better match for Sasuke, but that doesn’t matter because it all boils down to who he chose and loves. Still, if you’re a SasuKarin shipper, you may need more reason than that. In this article, we will help you understand why Sasuke didn’t marry Karin.

Would Sasuke marry someone like Karin?

It’s debatable whether Sasuke would marry someone like Karin, as she isn’t the kind of woman he needs. This isn’t to minimize Karin’s personality or traits but how she conducts herself differs from Sakura, who Sasuke ultimately married and truly loves as we explain in this article.

Karin is a subordinate of Orochimaru, which puts her firmly into the dubious character category. She sided with Sasuke even after watching him kill guards at the summit and became a wanted criminal. She would have been someone who would let Sasuke give in to his darkness.

There’s also the fact that she was insanely obsessed with Sasuke, which isn’t something that bodes well for her. We all know Sasuke isn’t the clingy type, and the only reason he puts up with it is that she’s a valued comrade and friend.

You can watch one of her interesting come-ons towards Sasuke here:

If we analyze their relationship a little deeper, we can note that Sasuke did show fondness for Karin. However, her stalker tendencies make her more of a comic relief than an actual, viable love match.

Now, you may say that Sakura also showed obsessiveness towards Sasuke. It’s true. Still, she didn’t cross lines as Karin did. For the most part, she was just transparent about her emotions without being inappropriate like Karin in this video.

Further, though Sakura also made questionable decisions because of Sasuke (we explain why Sakura loved Sasuke even after he tried to kill her here), she arguably had a better moral compass than Karin. She was also perceived as a steady, consistent force of good in Sasuke’s life.

One can argue that this was a good reason why Sasuke gravitated towards Sakura in the end.

However, I would say that if Sakura wasn’t in the picture, Sasuke might have ended up with Karin.

What would happen if Sasuke married Karin?

Sasuke and Karin if they got married

Karin is from the Uzumaki clan, which means that their union would have produced a child with both Uzumaki and Uchiha blood. Their offspring would have the Sharingan, the chakra chains, and an insane life force. This would make them significantly more powerful than Sarada.

Some fans think that Sasuke and Karin’s children would have the rinnegan. But an Uzumaki and Uchiha match doesn’t automatically guarantee the rinnegan.

Karin would probably leave the Ochimaru so she could stay with Sasuke and their children.

Given that Karin is obsessed with Sasuke, it’s likely that Karin would be accepting of Sasuke’s travels, just like Sakura was. It’s either she’s waiting around at home with their child or, given her stalker tendencies, she would insist on following him around.

Regardless, she would be a good wife who tends to his needs and is there for him when he needs her. She would also be a doting mother who would particularly adore a child who looks like Sasuke.

Sakura if Sasuke and Karin got married

Needless to say, Sakura would end up broken-hearted if Sasuke married Karin. However, given her personality, it isn’t unlikely that she would end up perfectly happy with another man in the future.

In fact, a SasuKarin marriage may give us a Sakura-Naruto wedding. Kishimoto has previously stated that Sakura is very similar to his wife, leading many to expect a NaruSaku ending. These interactions, mainly through the Shippuden series, support this theory:

We know for a fact now that they didn’t end up together in the canon, but it may happen if Sakura and Karin married each other.

Did Sasuke have feelings for Karin?

Sasuke was close to Karin (as much as we can say Sasuke is close to anyone), and he definitely considered her a trusted comrade. People around them observed their relationship, with some going as far to imply that Karin was closest to Sasuke.

Suigetsu once called Karin the girl Sasuke was “about to hook up with.”

Perhaps, that was true for what they knew of his relationships at that point. Karin was the one ally he brought with him when he went rogue, and she was one of the few people he has ever apologized to.

However, some say that because Sasuke doesn’t treat Karin as nicely as Sakura (we explain why he loves Sakure more here), he still sees her as just a tool to get his revenge. This idea was furthered by the fact that Sasuke readily discarded Karin when he was desperate to reach Danzo’s heart.

In this regard, Sasuke valued his revenge more than Karin. Though he also did the same to Sakura multiple times, he still went back to her in the end, ready to change. Karin never got to have that. All she got was a mere, “I’m sorry.”

This more than shows us her place in his life and helps us understand why, despite their biological compatibility and seeming bond, they didn’t get together.

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